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– Spread a generous amount of sweet or
Savoury paste onto a sheet of Puff pastry,
roll and cut   into spirals  and bake. Perfect
when entertaining.

– Dilute Saghtar’s Macadamia spread or one
of the savoury flavours with oil


until it forms a runny consistency and baste over vegetables or meat before roasting.


– Dilute Saghtar’s Savoury Macadamia Pastes with a little stock, warm, and toss through hot pasta or noodles for a quick meal.


– Add Saghtar’s Savoury Macadamia pastes to soup. Chilli and Sundried tomato goes well in pumpkin soup to add extra body and protein.


– Use as a marinade or sauce over your fish or BBQ meat.

– Spread Saghtar’s Savoury Macadamia Pastes onto pizza, or get adventurous and make a sweet pizza using Saghtar’s Sweet Macadamia spreads and build on with your favourite toppings.

– Saghtar’s Chilli Macadamia Paste is an instant stir fry sauce.

– Saghtar’s Savoury Macadamia Pastes are an instant dip to use with cheese & biscuit platters. Saghtar’s Date & Macadamia Spread also works well with cheese platters.

– Add Saghtar’s Sweet Macadamia Spreads with smoothies, ice cream, crepes, waffles, toast and all you sweet indulgences.

– Use Saghtar’s Sweet Macadamia Spreads as a substitute for butter in cakes, slices and biscuits for cholesterol & lactose free baking.

– Use instead of butter or as an irresistible extra spread on your wraps, sandwiches, rolls etc.


– Mix either Saghtar Macadamia Spread, Sundried Tomato Paste or Chilli Macadamia Paste mashed through potato.


– Stuff or marinade pork with Saghtar’s Date & Macadamia Spread.


– Spread Chilli Macadamia Paste and top with Avocado when making your next sandwiches, or mix with guacamole.


– Dilute Saghtar’s Macadamia Spread, or Sundried Tomato or Kalamata Olive paste with Macadamia Oil and use as a salad dressing.


– Add Saghtar’s Macadamia and Sundried Tomato or Kalamata Olive to your rissoles or meatballs mixture before BBQ or adding to pasta.


– Dilute Saghtar’s Chilli Macadamia Pastes with coconut milk and poach your fish in it and serve with rice and steamed vegies.


– Dilute Saghtar’s Honey Macadamia spread with oil till it forms a runny consistency and baste or marinade chicken before baking or grilling or work spread under the skin and cook.


– Spread over hot pancakes or waffles and top with fruit for a delicious breakfast


– Make a quick cream cheese and Macadamia frosting for your next Cupcakes, Banana or Carrot Cake

180g block Philadelphia Cheese, 1/2 cup icing sugar, 3 heaped Tab Saghtar Honey Macadamia Spread beat Philadelphia Cheese, icing sugar and Saghtar Honey Macadamia Spread until well combined and spread over cake. You can also use Saghtar’s Honey Macadamia Spread or Date & Macadamia Spread.

– A healthy product for the whole family and one the kids are sure to love.