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I would like to introduce you to Saghtar (pronounced Saa-tar; it is Maltese for the Wild Thyme which grows all over Malta’s sun drenched islands). Saghtar is a small family business, owned and operated in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

We use premium, locally sourced macadamias to produce flavoured macadamia Spreads and Pastes with a twist. The honey we use is produced on the family farm from hives my father tends, the bees roaming through the surrounding macadamia orchard. The plantation is located in beautiful Brooklet just 10 minutes from Bangalow. The origins of our macadamia orchard began in Bangalow. We would gather local bush nuts from a tree (sadly no longer there) behind the old Bank building in Bangalow, we grew each nut to be used as root stock which my father grafted other macadamia varieties onto. Each tree was hand planted by my father, mother, brother & I, and as we grew together this gave us a sense of connection with the land.

Weekends and school holidays were busy helping Mum and Dad and this involvement with the farm grew my passion to work within the Macadamia industry. After getting married and becoming a mother I needed some way to be involved with macadamia nuts and still be able to stay at home and watch my two beautiful girls grow. My love of food, which stems from my Mediterranean heritage, and cooking inspired me to get a little wild and this is how Saghtar was created. Australian Macadamia Spreads and Pastes with a Mediterranean twist.

The flavour combinations chosen reflect my connection to the Maltese food culture. Nuts of many varieties are a large part of the Maltese diet, commonly eaten after meals with a glass of wine or incorporated into biscuits and cakes. Olives grow wild in the Maltese countryside and are a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Chilli is used sparingly in winter stews and fish dishes and each growing season families dry their surplus tomatoes, preserving them for the coming winter on the rooftop courtyards common to the old stone buildings; as they have for hundreds of years. The Maltese value Honey not only in their diet but as a general tonic for everyday wellbeing and Dates are a traditional ingredient in sweets, especially pastries like Imqaret (a short, sweet pastry wrapped around a soft date and citrus filling).

Now retired from the farm my parents  help my husband and I to produce award winning products which are hand made especially for you.